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Braid Tutorial v 1.0 apk

is the popular Free Android App .It will work on most of the devices like Samsung Galaxy,Samsung Galaxy Note,HTC,Sony Ericsson,Micromax,Lava,Intex,Karbonn,One plus,Xiomi,Redmi,YU,Vivo,Lenovo,Vibe,and all other Android mobile phones.Tested it on Android version 2.2,4.0,4.1,4.2 jelly bean and 4.4 kitkat,5.0,5.1 LollyPop ,6.0,6.1,Marshmellow,7.0 Nougat

Make the girls who always want to look beautiful hair is a crown that must be considered. The beauty and health shall be maintained through various means. Not infrequently a girl willing to do anything to make the beauty of her hair remain intact: diligent cream bath, hair spa, hair care home to perform acted lightly.
Not only stop in the treatment course, the hairstyle as well so it is equally crucial in every appearance. Linger in front of the mirror, combing hair neater, clamping and mengucirnya with various styles done in order to create the perfect hairstyle.
Many girls with long hair more often mencepol hair at random for the sake of convenience. Sure, this is the fastest way for hair in the middle of the time constraints. But be careful if you want to use this way, if you do not set it with a neat appearance might be seen carelessly as was leaving the bathroom.
Well, for you who like mencepol hair but want to look more elegant, you can try to force the lock of hair on this one. Steps you have to do is:
 Tie your hair to form a ponytail, but the position of the bond is in the middle of the head
 Then the bond coat hair with thick hair rope, so that the position of hair cepolan higher and perfect
 The third step, the average hair that has been tied and shape like a fountain
 After that, you can divide it into two parts as the picture number 4
 Helical rest of your hair and wrap at the base of the hair through the two different directions
 Children who are still lagging behind hair can you trim them with a bobby pin or hair spray, appropriate needs. Or if the child is not the hair slightly disheveled can actually make you look more natural and relaxed
Besides haircut dicepol, we often choose the model’s hair with a ponytail for quick and requires no time. If you want to form a ponytail that is different than usual, you can try this trick.
The way is also quite easy because you live coat the hair with hair rope, it will make your hair look unique appearance. Because as if you tie up your hair with the hair itself. You can perform these simple steps:
 First, comb your hair towards the back with a neat
 Tie with string ordinary hair to form a ponytail
 Take a pinch of hair that hung then wind up exhausted as a coating hair rope
 Pin the rest of the hair with a bobby pin in the bottom of the bonds, so as not to be seen by the naked eye
How? Is not your horse pigtails who now looks unique and different than usual?