Nokia Edge Price in India , Release Date

Nokia Edge Price in India , Release Date

Nokia Edge Price: Very reasonable for high specs

Nokia fans have been making a lot of questions about Nokia Edge price and when Nokia Edge will be on the shelf, because this is the hottest smartphone and most-awaited smartphones till now. Currently, the company has not made any public statement, but experts recently made an estimation based on the phone specification, design and the official price strategy Nokia announced in the meeting with Economics Time in India.

Nokia Edge  comes with bezel-less screen that the edges expand in both sides. Most impressive is the top edge where there is a secondary monitor for quick notification access. Specs-wise, Nokia Edge is likely to runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with 6GB RAM and has high memory capacity. For photography, there are reports that Nokia Edge will carry a 23MP PureView camera on the back and 12MP front camera. There will also be USB Type-C and fingerprint sensor.

Observers said that after a long time away from smart phone market, Nokia will be back with a lot of smartphones at all price points from budget to high-end and Nokia Edge will belong to the latter from $450-500 (about Rs.30,499 – 33,999). This is a reasonable price if Nokia can maintain their products quality. This price is the same as that of the Lumia 950 and 950 duo XL. While the current Samsung Galaxy S7 starts from $630 ~ Rs. 42,999 and the Apple iPhone 7 starts from $900 ~ Rs 70,000.

Nokia Edge or other smart phone?

Nokia launch date is expected to be in the end of 2017, in which Apple is likely to launch their iPhone 8 in their 10th anniversary of its first iPhone model. Samsung will be also introducing the Note 8. So will you wait to buy this Nokia Edge or add some bucks to buy an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?
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  • I can’t awaited to buy this NOKIA EDGE..

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